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Uganda Biscuits Company: Manufacturers of Family Biscuits, Shortcake Biscuits, Crunchies, Milk & Honey Biscuits.

Jar Biscuits

NEW & IMPROVED!  Try the all new UBISCO Jar Biscuits range. Variants included: Ginger, Choco Bite, Butter, Shortcake, Digestive, Nice and Party Time.  Available in 1kg Jars.

Packed Biscuits

Enjoy the well-rounded flavours of UBISCO biscuits.  Our biscuits have zero trans fats and cholesterol.  These biscuits are infused with mouth-watering flavours that stimulate your palate for more.

Milk & Honey Shortcake cookies

NEW & IMPROVED!  Try the all new UBISCO Milk & Honey® Shortcake Cookies Boxed range. Variants included: Original, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.  Available in cartons of 108 packets x 2 biscuits.

Boxed Biscuits

Fight those mid-meal hunger pangs and get energised with the goodness of the UBISCO boxed biscuits.  With variants such as Milk & Honey, Mariata, Tea Maria, Nile Maria, Crunchies and Glucose, opt for a healthy tea-time snack with these low-fat wheat biscuits.