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Dembe is the Authorised Distributor for Kellogg's in Uganda.

Rice Krispies

The original crisped rice cereal has become one of life's simple pleasures. Enjoy some with your little ones. Or whip up a tasty batch of memories by making The Original Treats recipe together



Made from our classic Kellogg’s Corn Flakes but with a tasty frosted coating, Frosties is truly a tasty start to the day. As a source of vitamin D, B vitamins and Iron, Frosties really are ‘Grrrreaat’ in more ways than one

Special K Red Berries

Special K Red Berries is a delicious combination of cherries, raspberries and strawberries mixed with crunchy rice, whole wheat and barley flakes. Each bowl contains 9 vitamins and minerals as well as fibre and wholegrain.
Feed your strength with Special K, a nutritious and delicious start to your day.

Crunchy Nut

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes is irresistibly tasty. We've taken our famous crunchy flakes of corn, encrusted them with peanut pieces and coated them in delicious honey. With all that extra crunch, they not only look extra golden, but sound great too! The taste? Sensational!

Corn Flakes

Kellogg's Corn Flakes is the original Kellogg's cereal. Across the world, it is one of the first brands most people think of when they think of breakfast cereal. Made from crisp, light flakes of sun-ripened corn, that not only taste good but give you a nutritious start to the day!

Bran Flakes


Deliciously crunchy whole wheat flakes. A simple way to help improve your digestive health.

Coco Pops


Coco Pops is the tasty breakfast treat that kids have loved for generations. Coco Pops and milk are just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy! Why not surprise the kids with an afternoon treat of Coco Pops?

All Bran


The natural wheat bran fibre found in Kellogg’s All-Bran Original is clinically proven to help with regularity and can work in as little as 3 days. With 42% of your daily fibre intake in one bowl, it’s the easy way to help get the fibre you need to look after your digestive health. Add seasonal fruit or reduced fat yoghurt for a twist on an old favourite.

Sultana Bran


Sultana Bran has long been a family favourite. With its crisp malty flakes and juicy sultanas, Kellogg's Sultana Bran has the goodness of wheat bran and fruit in every serve.

Special K Original Cereal


Special K Original Cereal lives up to its name. It goes with everything: banana, raspberries or just a splash of ice-cold skim milk. Truly an original.