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Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) is a policy geared towards promoting use of locally manufactured goods and use of local skills/personnel. The success of the BUBU concept requires us as Ugandans to position ourselves in order to play our respective roles in building the Ugandan economy and reaping from it.  Dembe is very proud to be amalgamated with the following BUBU brands:


  • Snowman's

    Discover the Snowman's range of products including: Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Cheese Deli, Eclairs and Biscuits.

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    Dembe acquired the existing UBISCO (Uganda Biscuit's Company) brand in 2018. UBISCO has been crafting Uganda's favourite biscuits since 1993.

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  • Snack Attack

    Manufactured in Uganda, discover the finger-licking full Snack Attack range including Potato Crisps, Corn Snacks, Gonja Crisps and Spices.

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  • Kreamy

    Manufacturers of Kreamy yoghurt

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  • Wakisha

    Manufacturers of Wax Candles and Superior Quality Wax Safety Matches.

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  • Odorex

    Manufacturers of Disinfectant Balls, Air Fresheners, Scouring Pads and Hand Sanitizers.

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  • Hermela

    Manufacturers of hygiene and home products.

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  • Rio

    Manufacturers of Shoe Care products, Wax Candles, Safety Matches, Ballpoint Pens and Scouring Pads.

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