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Dembe is the Authorized Distributor for Fine Hygienic Holding in Uganda, a company providing Facial tissues, Toilet rolls, Napkins and Serviettes, Kitchen towels, Facial Tissue Nylon and Adult diapers.

Fine Tissues

The best available technology using SteriProTM production method provides consumers with highly sterilized products. Our wide range of tissue products includes everything from facial tissues and toilet paper to napkins,jumbo rolls and paper towels.


Adult diapers

All of our adult incontinence products feature our DermaProTM technology, which works to prevent skin irritation and rashes, particularly for wearers with limited mobility. Thanks to this state-of-the-art innovation, our adult pads and briefs are pH-balanced, lotioned, carefully sterilized, and feature odor-control agents, meeting the unique needs of our consumers.

Facial Tissue - Nylon

Indulge your senses with FINE Sensations and try your favorite scent of Monoi… a mixture of coconut and gardenia flower in a nylon practical pack.

FIne Facial Tissue

Breathe easier and let the soothing scent of menthol ease your discomfort during the cold and flu season.

Ktichen Towels

The new 3ply paper towel to Strength & Absorbency of the tissue. 4X More absorbent due to its New embossing pattern. Our Super towel is now Half perforated, select your size sheet for ANY size mess. Fine super Towel the only “food certified paper Towel by ISEGA and the only Sterilized by our unique sterilization process.

Napkins and Serviettes

Look no further than Fine Napkins when you’re looking to bring a touch of elegance to your dining table or want to keep trusty, hygienic and absorbent napkins at your side during your family picnic or kid’s birthday party.

Toilet Rolls

More number of sheets in each roll so it is Less cost, Easy to carry, Long lasting toilet roll and Save storage space.