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Double A

Authorised distributor for Double A in Uganda.

Double A Premium Paper

Double A is a premium paper brand known for its high quality, superior performance and sustainability. Double A paper sheets have 30 million fibres per gram, a unique feature that confers multiple benefits across the entire range.









Why our paper?

Smoothness:  Superior formation with unique fibre characteristics result in Double A’s smooth surface.  In an independent test, Double A ran through a high-speed copier for 24 hours without a single jam. The smooth surface gives it a high-quality touch.

Sharper Prints: Double A’s smooth surface allows, making copies as sharp as the original, whether in black and white or in colour.

Two-Sided Use: The high opacity and excellent formation resulting from Double A’s high-quality fiber allows double-sided printing.

Eco-Friendly:  At Double A, sustainability begins with sustainably grown trees, which help mitigate global warming. We source only certified wood or wood from special fast-growing trees called the Paper-Tree.

In the regions where the farming takes place, this sustainable sourcing method also creates positive partnerships with local communities, enabling local farmers to earn additional income by growing the Paper-Tree, fast growing trees that are developed for making Double A paper, in vacant spaces between their rice paddies.