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Dembe is the authorised distributor for Danone products in Uganda.


Danio is made with twice more milk than a standard yoghurt and therefore, contains 8% of protein per portion. Your break in case of small hunger. Danio, the perfect snack for all kinds of small hunger moments. The best solution to satisfy its hunger in a healthy, tasty and filling way.


Whether you prefer it as a snack or as a dessert, Danette is a delicious treat that will satisfy the whole family, at any time! Since Danette is made of 75% fresh milk, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself, without the guilt! It is an irresistible pudding. Its variety of flavours and its velvety texture appeals to people of all ages. It is a unique recipe to bring the whole family together: an intense, lasting flavour, a deliciously creamy texture.



Danacol is enriched with plant sterols that are clinically proved to help people with excess cholesterol reduce their cholesterol levels as part of an adapted diet. Danacol can not replace hypocholesterolemic treatment.


Activia has a delicious taste which makes it perfect for indulgent snack or dessert. Feel the rhythm everyday with Activia, a delicious and nutritious probiotic yogurt. Each serving of Activia contributes to healthy intestinal flora. Available in a variety of delicious flavours and a wide range of sizes and packs,  you’re sure to find the Activia that’s right for you.