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Dembe is the Authorised Distributor for Ashanti-Q hair care products in Uganda. Amara, Ashanti-Q, Miadi and Sparkle are owned by Haco Industries, Kenya.

ASHANTI-Q hair care is a range of hair care products made specifically for African Hair with natural ingredients and essential oils that restores moisture, regenerates growth and styles hair to perfection.

Ashanti-Q Sulphate Free Shampoo - 500ml, 1L: Helps retain the natural moisture in hair preventing it from turning dull and frizzy

Ashanti-Q Sulphate Moisture Loc Conditioner - 500ml, 1L: Helps to seal hair's cuticle layer to prevent frizz and promote shine and creates a base layer of moisture to prime hair for styling.

Ashanti-Q Sulphate Treatment Masque - 500ml, 1L: Formulated with oils, butters and other nourishing ingredients. This hydrating hair masque spends more time sinking into and nurturing hair than your average conditioner, giving dramatic benefits in a single use.

Ashanti-Q Sulphate Finishing Hair Serum - 200g, 400g: The serum reflects light, making the hair look shinier and healthier, and keeps it protected from dust and humidity. Best suited for occasional days, like the days you wash your hair but not for everyday use.

Ashanti-Q Sulphate No Crunch Curling Gel - 200g, 400g: Applies smoothly like a cream but behaves like a gel giving you defined curls and coils with light-medium hold, without the extra crunch and flaking. Perfect for curls and coils that need a little help staying defined.

Ashanti-Q Sulphate No Crunch Curling Butter - 200g, 400g: Moisturizing and sealing hydration curling butter for styling my wash-and-go that helps me achieve a bomb-dot-com twist out.

Ashanti-Q Sulphate Growth Cream - 200g, 400g: The potent essential oils increase blood flow to scalp, strengthens roots, and awakens hair follicles.